No April Fools – It’s Poetry Month!

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 8.49.20 AM My fellow writers, It is time to come out of our caves of  hibernation. The  same cave that shields us from shame ridden writer’s block, crappy work, and countless revisions. It is our season! We must engrave words on any paper that yields white space (unpaid pills, receipts, anything will do). Don’t let this so called paperless world stop you. A drafted text message will suffice.

It’s NATIONAL POETRY MONTH!  Writing should be celebrated every day.

But use the month of April to revive your passion:

  1. Follow your favorite poet for the month. Imitate his or her poems in your own writing
  2. Write one line of a poem each day. See what you have at the end of the month!
  3. Get back to the simple stuff. Write limericks and haikus. Real structure oriented type stuff. Test your creativity.
  4. Go to a poetry slam! It will open your mind to countless techniques for your own writing. This is where words comes alive (seriously).
  5. Perform at an open mic night. This is where you can get honest feedback from diverse crowds.

I hope you challenge yourself as a writer to get back to your words this month. I know it is hard in a society where books are building up dust and pictures and video rule the web. But we still have work to do!



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