A Dream Embraced

Eric Oko Dodoo, also known as Oko, is originally from Ghana West Africa. He moved to the United States at age 15 and has resided in the United States for about 13 years.

Growing up in a country with diverse cultures and music from every corner of the world, Oko was exposed to different types of sounds and genres that sparked his passion for creating music. Rnb legends such as R.kelly, Usher, and Boys II Men heavily influenced his music.

Oko, Singer/songwriter

Eric Oko Dodoo

“I know if I am going to do it, it’s now or never.” ~ Eric Oko Dodoo

Oko began to write and produce his own music with his Church Choir when he was only 14. As a true artist who knows a good sounds when he hears it, Oko has been molding and perfecting his sound to make his mark on today’s music Industry. He aims to not only create great music, but also to impact the world with his talents and gifts.

Oko is majoring in communication at University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He is working with a music company called Hitkey Entertainment. Hitkey stands behind their belief that “humility is the key” to success. Oko’s main motivation is his love for his craft. In a capitalistic society, it is hard to do anything for a purpose other than money. It is programmed in the human brain to work for profit and to work smart not hard. But creativity embraces the opposite concept. To work hard to create, and recreate, until a piece is molded to perfection.

Oko embraces that philosophy. He understands the word “artist” encompasses. Every day, he shapes himself into a cutting edge music creator.

How are you embracing your gifts? Let me know!


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