Your Valentine Should Rhyme



I’m not talking about your gift. I’m talking about your date! Here are four reasons why you should date a poet:

1) Receive cute poems on your pillow

Poets are natural at what they do. They try to make everything in life poetic. Especially, their relationships. Being with a poet will be the most epic experience you ever encounter. Just when you think they can’t make life anymore interesting, BAM! You wake up to the neatest cursive script on crisp, antique paper. Each curve of the letter delving deeper into their love for you. No one can make you feel more courted than a person who rejects the idea that love is indescribable. Because a poet can articulate her love to a tee.

2) Don’t let the term “deep-thinker” fool you

Poets have to have a knack for detail. Their insights can be too in-depth for the analytical thinker. Because poets have sat back and observed their entire life, they are able to understand situations quickly. So, don’t be surprised when they show you their witty side. It’s not sarcasm. They are simply challenging you to some intellectual flirtation.

3) We all know clingy isn’t kinky

You need your space. And writer’s need it too. You will never have to worry about your poetic partner being too dependent. Don’t be surprised if they don’t come to bed at night as they force a poem out of their brains into that secret journal they never let you read. Try not to be offended if they spend more time with their notebooks and pens. The more time they spend writing, consider that the amount of time they spend thinking about you. You are most likely the inspiration for their words.

4)  Be understood for once

To be a writer, one must first be a reader. Readers have met more people than anyone else in the world. They have comforted the 12-year old girl who suffered abuse from her father. They have stood in the courtroom with convicted murderers. They have even traveled back in time and met dead presidents. Through stories, poets have witnessed situations they would have otherwise never understood. I’m sure they can handle whatever story you want to unfold.


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