Why Write?

Behind every picture, there are thousands of words.

Behind every picture, there are thousands of words.

Why write at a time when communication is primarily through email, text and social media why sit down in front of a keyboard and pound out page after page of properly spelled, grammatically correct full sentences? Why spend hours churning out material that can be chatted about in a few brief moments, or, even better, tweeted about in a couple of seconds?  The need for well written literature still exists in spite of our new age, fast-paced way of communicating.

The first reason would be a personal one. There is a huge mental and spiritual benefit to spending time alone in front of a blank computer screen. Taking time to truly think about how you feel about a subject aids in personal growth and development in a way even therapy can’t. The therapy is in the words that flow from your fingertips. Forcing yourself to express your thoughts thoroughly and accurately helps you identify what is going on in your own heart and mind. True growth and progress can only come when the issues of concern are clearly defined. A quick tweet on the same subject would come and go, lasting only a brief moment, never being allowed to flourish fully.

Another reason writing is so crucial is the opportunity it provides to engage with others. There’s no better way to engage with so many people than writing. Thoughts can be expressed clearly and will last forever. The written word can be passed along the generations, continually provoking thought and engaging all who care to be engaged enough to read what has been written!

Writing is one of the best ways to capture history. Time stands still within the pages of a book.  Events are forever captured and eagerly wait to be shared with the world. The details that can be given cannot be measured! The camera can capture one brief moment from one brief angle. The written word can capture even those things that are unseen. Words can capture emotions, feelings and thoughts!

We have moved into a fast-paced world. We use as few words or ‘characters’ as possible to express ourselves. Yet there is still so much to be gained from the written word.  Let’s flash back to a day where couples wrote love letters in their most sincere cursive. A time when people sat on porch swings and read, a time when stories were like treasures for the dinner tables and warm fire places.

Let’s go back.


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