A Few Faithful Words

I’m staring at these letters

Like rearranging them into words

 Is supposed to make it better.

I’m listening to this music like it can heal this sick.

My fingertips run across this keyboard

As if they are running from the Lord.

If Jonah didn’t already try it.

It’s impossibility, I wouldn’t buy it.

Look at how far we’ve come

And you still can’t trust

In the direction of love,

Or correction from above.

I pray for you in the morning and when the moon greets the sky,

But you slack and hold back

From the one person who ever gave two damns about you,

Preventing pain from flooding through,

One on each side of your heart, I got the bottom and the top. I’m doing my part.

I never thought I would sacrifice

So much for a person who made me at least once think twice.

You should be thankful.

I tried to stay humble like the grateful

Old wise man whose head is grey full.

Every strand Represents some grand

Trial or tribulation. And though it was sad then,

It made him who he is today.

So even if I did ever hurt you in any way,

My only purpose would be to make you stronger

‘Cause my only concern

Was to fit in that definition of you.

So when they say your last name,

I can to be mentioned too.



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