5 Most Powerful Words

Read and find emotion in these pages. Or leave, and burn a hole in these pages.

Read and find emotion in these pages. Or leave, and burn a hole in these pages.

I know what I want to say but I don’t know how to say it. There is nothing more cliché than saying something is indescribable, especially in the English language. There are millions of words to choose from. Some words are more powerful than others. According to a study from Yale University, here are the 5 most powerful words in the English language.

1. You

In today’s world, impersonal is unimpressionable. If you don’t engage your audience, don’t expect them to pay attention. “You” makes your dialogue about the reader instead of well, you. It’s not necessary to write completely in second person, but an occasional rhetorical question in the text will help you reach out directly to your reader.

2. Free

Signaling freedom, no money down, space, and opportunity, “Free” yanks on the human brain. It gives back instead of  taking away. “Free” is a word that allows imagination, encourages risk, and disrupts restriction, which makes it so attractive.

3. Love

“Love” is full of contradictions. It is strong and weak, risky and safe, hot and cold, depending on who is doing the loving. It is a word that has no accurate synonyms but dangerous antonyms. If you have ever used, you know the power behind it.

4. Save

A value word, “Save” commands attention from readers because it signals opportunity. Anything that follows “Save” is critical to human lifestyle including time, money, life, and so on. Any chance you have of saving your time, money, or life, you will most likely take it.

5. Easy

Life isn’t easy. So when something is said to be easy, we want to know what it is. Also, if a task is said to be easy, people will be persuaded to complete it. An easy way out allows room for laziness but still gives a feeling of accomplishment.

Are there some words you think should be added to this list? Comment below.


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