Grab A Book


How many times have you heard, or said the words “I don’t like to read,” or “I can’t write?” But you’re reading and writing all day long. You tweet, text, watch television, and take notes in class. All of these tasks require some sort of literacy skills. Obviously some are more enjoyable than others.

Let’s explore why that is.

Everyone knows you canonly use 140 characters on twitter. Readers like that. Writers don’t. It takes skill to create a complete thought in 140 characters, but to read a complete thought in 140 characters is just plain easier.

Texting is like tweeting, except you have more freedom. Some people would argue that females like texting more than guys because females have more to say.

Have you ever heard a female complain about her boyfriends “one word text messages?” Either way, it is a quicker, and more convenient form of communication. All of the words you see daily are often flashed across a screen or you’re on the move, doing something else why you are watching that television, or scrolling on your smartphone, giving you less time to consider what it actually being said.

I am a twenty-year old college student, and I, too, am in the center of our digital world. I enjoy the conveniences of texting, tweeting, and the joys that come with tablets and smartphones. However, my passion lies with old-fashioned methods of sending and receiving information – like reading actual books with hard covers and writing on notebook paper.

Let’s start an artistic revolution for the leather bound book, the wooden pencil, for words, and for WRITERS. 

Authors like Edgar Allen Poe and Walt Whitman and more have created infinite stories. Awaken the reader inside all of you, and urge people to return to these sacred texts. To become a great writer, you must read great works. And learn how to use them for your own creation.

When was the last time you CHOSE to pick up a book?


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